2014 New TLDs Available for Pre Order
The Internet Gold Rush has Begun - Pre Orders open Now


2014 New TLDs are coming fast! With Pre Registration open NOW on 60+ new TLDs and General Availability (Live-Launch) starting shortly after, you want to act fast to claim any new domain TLDs which may apply to you or your company, or that you just like! See below for a list of the TLD's currently available for Pre-Registration, each domain has a Pre-Reg close date where it will no longer be available for Pre Order; often times General Availability (Available Publically/as normal domains) follows soon, if not immediately, after the close date.

How does Domain Pre-Registration work? It is essentially pre-ordering your domain and the first opportunity to capture your domain at the normal registration pricing (with a small Pre-Registration fee), however is not 100% guaranteed. We are partnered with the worlds largest ICANN Provider so when you Pre Register with us you have the best chance of securing your domain; even if others have Pre Ordered a specific domain before you it does not mean they will get it, unfortunately the reverse also applies to you. By Pre-Registering, once General Availability opens our ICANN Partner uses industry leading technology to immediately register your domain before any one else knows what happened - but again unfortunately we can not make guarantees.

So what's the deal? Each Domain costs so much to Pre Register, that cost contains two elements: 1) The Pre-Registration Fee ($12.00 for all current Pre-Registrations - we will try to keep that consistent across all PreReg's); and 2) The Domain Registration Fee (varies, avg. $15-$40). If at the Close of Pre-Registration you do not get the domain, your order will be automatically refunded. If you do get the new TLD registration, going forward you only pay the Domain Registration fee (for future renewals, yearly/2years/etc. just as normal domains); the Pre-Registration fee is ONLY applicable to Pre-Registrations.

Where can I Pre-Order the New TLDs or get more information? https://clients.tantumtech.net/newtlds

TLDs Open for Pre Registration/Pre Order NOW:

Open Until 02/04/14

  • .BIKE
  • .GURU
CLOSING SOON! Open Until 02/11/14
  • .TIPS
Open Until 02/22/14
  • .SHOES
Open Until 02/24/14
  • .SEXY
Open Until 02/25/14
  • .LAND
  • .TODAY
Open Until March 2014 (Dates Vary - See New TLDs Page)
  • .HOUSE
  • .SOLAR
  • .LINK
  • .GLASS
  • .CAMP
  • .EMAIL
  • .UNO
  • .CAB
  • .LIMO
  • .MENU

Keep an eye out as more New TLDs are starting Pre-Register every single week!

You can easily keep up on when New TLDs you are interested in are launching into each phase by simply adding them to your New TLD Watchlist - you can add any domains you are interested in with any of the thousands of new TLDs. When a domain in your watch list is available for Pre Registration it will notify you and allow you to Pre Order right from the watch list. Get the full list of New TLDs, their launch phase, pricing, and more information as well as New TLD updates on our New TLDs & Watchlist Page located at https://clients.tantumtech.net/newtlds

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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