Apr 11th Heartbleed & Security Update

Your SSL Private Keys may be SAFE & Hosting Users now support Perfect Forward SecrecyThis morning some of the researchers which were responsible for finding the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug announced that after weeks of testing they have not yet been able to intercept SSL Private Keys utilizing the Heartbleed exploit and have reason to believe it ... Read More »

Apr 8th The Heartbleed Bug and You (and Us)

The 'Heartbleed' Bug - The Worst & Most Wide-Spread Exploit to dateWas TantumTech Affected? Along with around 70% of the internet, and an even greater percentage of servers which are used for hosting, our servers utilize openssl to handle SSL and TLS (encrypted) communication on our Web and Email servers, however unlike most others our ... Read More »

Apr 4th Hosting cPanel Security Upgrades

New Security Policies added to our Hosting cPanel - Protect Your AccountWe have added and activated new Security Policies for our Hosting cPanel users in order to further protect your account. The next time you log into your Hosting cPanel you will be asked to set Security Questions, if there is a login to your account from an unrecognized IP ... Read More »